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Unlocking Treasury potential to enhance banking performance

Methodological prompts to illustrate how improved margin analysis can be a catalyst for enhancing Treasury risk management and value generation. A case history

Prometeia complimentary webinar. April 4, 2019 - 11.45 CET

In recent years, banks have been challenged by progressively thinner profitability, mainly squeezed by the combination of low interest rates, slow credit growth and stricter regulatory constraints, which have increased capital and liquidity buffers, making it difficult to preserve the pre-crisis profitability levels.

In spite of this background, there is a common belief that there are wide areas to create efficiency within bank processes, in order to maintain margin levels and control these dynamics. It is crucial for banks to understand and quantify how value is generated by different business units, as well as to identify the underlying financial and non-financial drivers.
In this context, Treasury can play a key role in increasing the bank’s value generation: this potential can be boosted through the activation of appropriate margin analysis tools to monitor and improve risk management results and the capacity to contribute significantly to the bank’s overall profitability. 

This webinar provides a comprehensive overview of margin analysis objectives, contents and benefits, leveraging on the experience of Intesa Sanpaolo, a leading international bank that is deeply transforming its existing methodologies, towards an improved measurement of the bank’s profitability drivers.



Antonio Fagnani
Head of Corporate Center P&C
Intesa Sanpaolo


Elisa Galassi
Senior Manager


Alessandra Girardi
Head of ALM Financial Control
Intesa Sanpaolo


Silvia Pagliazzi
Senior Manager


Webinar - Unlocking Treasury potential to enhance banking performance