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Tuesday, October 3rd at 3PM BST | 10AM EDT

IFRS 9: Preparing for the 2018 Go-Live

The introduction of the International Financial Reporting Standards 9 (IFRS 9) in January 2018 has created an opportunity for the strategic revamp of risk systems and operations. As banks overcome issues surrounding data quality, increase in credit risk and ECL estimations, they must begin finalizing their processes, systems and modeling in time for the go-live period in a few months. Although implementation efforts have progressed since the last webinar we held in 2016, there are still many more complex issues to be addressed. 

We've arranged four leading IFRS 9 Experts from the Austrian Financial Market Authority, BNP Paribas, Erste Group and Prometeia to discuss the remaining IFRS 9 concerns as the industry edges closer to the deadline. Join us on October 3rd to:

  • Bringing together the industry's leading lights
  • Understand the expectations of the regulator in the lead up to the IFRS 9 deadline and their intentions for harmonizing the standard across banks
  • Get clarity on how to handle the specific modelling and data challenges for banks using the standardized approach
  • Hear the panelists thoughts on ECL Model capability to predict downturns in advance 
  • Benchmark approaches to IFRS 9 model development for low default portfolios
  • Learn how robust IT systems can handle the expected data volumes that IFRS 9 impairment processes will generate and how this will lead to the overall enrichment of your institution's risk integration

The Speakers

David Grünberger - Head of IFRS 9 Enforcement Division Austrian Financial Market

David Grünberger - Head of IFRS 9 Enforcement Division Austrian Financial Market
Dr. David Grünberger, CPA heads the financial reporting enforcement unit at the Austrian Financial Market Authority. His team examines the financial communication of large corporations listed on European stock exchanges for accounting errors and misstatements. Any infringements are made public and prosecuted. This reduces information asymmetry in the market, maintains investors’ trust and confidence and improves the effectiveness of the European capital market. His team cooperates with the other EU- and Non-EU authorities such as the US-SEC to examine groups based in other jurisdictions.

Adrian Docherty - Managing Director, Head of Bank Advisory Corporate & Institutional Banking Bnp Paribas

Adrian Docherty -Managing Director, Head of Bank Advisory
Corporate & Institutional Banking Bnp Paribas
Adrian Docherty leads the Bank Advisory team, which provides key relationship bank clients with technical sector expertise and help on strategic financial issues relating to balance sheet management and efficiency. In practice, this means advising on capital raising alternatives, risk management and transfer frameworks, regulatory developments (especially Basel III and IV), accounting changes (especially IFRS 9), funding/liquidity strategies, credit portfolio management, solvency creation/optimisation structures and innovative ways of financing growth. In recent years, the issue of “disruption and obsolescence” (ie. new banking business models) has increasingly featured; so now too do strategies around Brexit

Christian Düsterberg - Head of Risk Methods & Models  Erste Group Bank

Christian Düsterberg - Head of Risk Methods & Models 
Erste Group Bank
Christian Düsterberg is Head of Risk Methods and Models for Erste Group Bank AG and in this function responsible for risk measurement across Erste Group and Co-Sponsor of Erste Group’s IFRS9 Programme. As part of this responsibility, his department develops the methodologies required within IFRS9 implementation for provision quantification and exposure classification, and the organization of the associated calculation and assessment processes. 

Altin Kadareja - Manager Prometeia

Altin Kadareja - Manager Prometeia
Altin is leading the development of IFRS 9 solutions portfolio at Prometeia and has managed various projects in credit risk management, with particular focus on consulting leading Financial Services institutions across EMEA markets. Altin has focused on CRR/CRD/Basel 2/3, credit processes and strategies, pricing, capital planning, Icaap, stress testing and the development of risk models.