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How lessons learnt from 2018 EU-Wide Stress Test can prepare you for the 2020 edition

14 November 2018

Prometeia complimentary webinar

In November 2018 the European Banking Authority (EBA) completed the EU-wide stress tests, aimed at evaluating the resilience of banks to adverse market developments.

The exercise requested banks to estimate the impacts of multiple macro-financial scenarios, covering all relevant risk areas under new IFRS 9 principles. Banks faced major challenges posed by advanced data collection, integrated balance sheet projections and quality assurance.

The webinar discussed lessons learnt from the 2018 stress test edition and how European banks should address the challenges of the 2020 exercise by:

  1. Deploying a robust technology able to support the integrated projection of NII, risk weighed exposures and loss provisions, in a methodologically consistent framework dedicated to stress testing
  2. Facilitating the burdensome data collection procedures through automatic data preparation, quality control and reconciliation solutions
  3. Improving the quality of the dialogue with supervisors during the quality assurance phase, implementing agile simulation tools and powerful drill-down capabilities

 In 2018 Risk, the prestigious Risk Management magazine, recognized Prometeia as the best tech vendor in the Enterprise-wide Stress Testing field.

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