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Prometeia at the conference on strengthening environmental, social, and governance investment under the COVID-19 crisis

8-10 February

Increasing numbers of investors are integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues in their investment decisions. Just in the last several years, ESG investment has grown exponentially, now totaling over $30 trillion. Europe and the United States are the largest contributors of ESG investment, but Asia and the Pacific is rapidly catching up.

In principle, greater ESG investment could encourage the private sector to tackle environmental, social, and governance challenges, as well as boost corporate profits and economic growth. However, the COVID-19 crisis and investors’ preference for safe assets are among the factors impeding the acceleration of ESG investment.

Prometeia takes part in this conference, organized by the Asian Development Bank Institute, that features research papers that examine the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on ESG investment, its potential to support sustainable economic recovery, and ways to drive ESG investment growth and address related risks.

Prometeia's paper "The resilience of green stocks during COVID-19: a clustering approach" will be presented on February 10th at 8.30 AM (CET).

Private investor behavior, the effects of ESG policies on investment performance, and ESG investment implications for social welfare and environmental sustainability in Asia and the Pacific are also explored.


- Examine ESG investment trends and impacts during the COVID-19 pandemic, with a focus on Asia and the Pacific

- Identify ESG investment challenges and policy solutions to promote sustainable economic recovery and development


- Policy makers and researchers from think tanks, universities, and public and private organizations, as well as postgraduate students


- Enhanced understanding of ESG investment barriers and policy measures for addressing them amid the COVID-19 pandemic

- Impetus for greater ESG investment policy dialogue and research

- Research papers featured during the virtual conference will be considered for publication as an ADBI policy brief, ADBI working papers, and/or inclusion in a related book or special journal issue