Prometeia’s Asset Management Insights

A dive into Italian institutional portfolios and funds to explore business opportunities

Prometeia complimentary webinar. September 10, 2019 - 12.00 CET

AMI - Asset Management Insights is an interactive platform designed to explore and identify opportunities in the Italian institutional market, turning data into business ideas. 

Offering comprehensive data analytics and interactive charts, market insights and a central repository for RFPs and events, Asset Management Insights represents a powerful tool for sales idea generation.

To find out more about AMI’s capabilities and how they can be leveraged by alternative managers register for our incoming webinar.

Discussion topics will include:

  1. Italian institutional investors’ preferences in allocating assets to alternative investments
  2. An overview of the most active investors in the private markets landscape
  3. New ways of analyzing and monitoring investors’ portfolios and identifying business opportunities


Giulia Gianetti
Senior Consultant


Webinar - A dive into Italian institutional portfolios to explore fund raising opportunities