02 March 2015

Is deflation still a threat?

The average inflation rate in January and February was -0.4%: is there
still a risk of deflation? The euro's depreciation and the signs of recovery
that are starting to emerge seem enough to stave off the risk, but we should
keep a watchful eye on the situation, and in the meantime seize the
opportunities provided by low inflation.

15 January 2015

Clustering cities in Europe: Italian metropolitan areas’ position

Across Europe metro areas can be compared following a new harmonised definition: our clustering exercise confirms a weak position for Southern Italian cities while only Milan seems to be comparable to London and Paris.

21 August 2014

A (Not Quite Yet) Success Story for Competitiveness in the Eurozone’s Periphery

Labor competitiveness has been undoubtedly improved in Greece, Portugal and Spain from the beginning of the sovereign debt crisis in 2010. Nevertheless, Portugal and Spain devalued internally through gains in productivity, while Greece did so by cutting compensation. This different pattern of adjustment in Greece poses some doubts on the medium-term sustainability of its outcome

14 August 2014

The Power of Brand in International Trade

It’s time for Italy to further strengthen “the Italian Brand”.

04 August 2014

The only thing we have to fear is investors’ fear in the market

The Tapering Scare began in May 2013 sparking investors’ fears about unclear future US monetary policy shifts, resulting in increased risk aversion and downward pressure on asset prices. Which is the country that suffered the most in realized returns because of fear triggered by the Fed’s announcement?

17 March 2014

Regional divide in innovation: Italian regions vs Baden-Württemberg

Italian regions are moderate innovators — says the Regional Innovation Scoreboard 2014 — are German innovation leaders actually out of reach?

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