28 July 2016

Bank business model analysis: identifying the “real peer”

emanuele.demeo@prometeia.com, annalisa.denicola@prometeia.com, lea.zicchino@prometeia.com
Banks’ activity is challenged by the macro-financial and regulatory environment emerging from the financial crisis. We developed a new methodology to identify different business models and peer groups of European banks as well as evaluating their performance in different macroeconomic environments.

26 July 2016

Turkey, the possible effects of the failed coup d’état (for the Made in Italy and not only)

To the already rich dictionary of possible complications for the world economic development, a new item has been added in recent days: the failed attempt of coup d’état in Turkey. The Made in Italy in 2015 has exported goods in this market for 10 billion euro.

25 July 2016

The disappointing performance of the financial markets in 2016? It’s the uncertainty, baby!

francesco.amoroso@prometeia.com, ugo.speculato@prometeia.com, lea.zicchino@prometeia.com
The first half of 2016 was characterized by a series of factors that have increased uncertainty among the operators and resulted in financial market performance that was more disappointing than expected. But which factors will persist in the coming months and which markets will offer better protection during risk-off phases?

19 July 2016

Emerging markets’ impending risks: private sector debt and dollar liabilities


The Great Recession held a silver lining for EM where cheap dollar loans financed investments. Unfortunately, that silver lining could actually be clouds gathering for the next storm. As the global economy enters a new period of uncertainty and as the Fed is expected to slowly raise interest rates, dollar liabilities of struggling EM corporations may hint at bigger troubles to come.

18 July 2016

Brexit shock on the markets: the winners and the losers

flavio.klejissen@prometeia.com, ugo.speculato@prometeia.com
Turmoil has hit the global markets as the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. Our analysis illustrates how various investor types were positioned ahead of the British referendum and which performed better right after: balanced mutual funds and Risk Parity funds seem to be at the center of the market correction that occurred. CTAs, instead, had been anticipating the risk by cutting equity exposure ahead of Brexit.

15 July 2016

Exports full steam ahead! Italian food at the conquest of foreign markets

In the last decade, the Italian food Companies have been able to win more and more considerable spaces on the international markets bringing exports to reach record levels.

15 July 2016

Commodity,  stable Prometeia Index in May

Wool and cotton price increases support procurement costs for the fashion sector (+ 4%)

08 July 2016

Orange Envelope, where do we stand?

The “Orange Envelope” initiative has been started at last: an appropriate awareness of the changing of the social security scenery for workers.  

06 July 2016

The (not) one-dimensional productivity

The problem of low labour productivity in Italy (both in terms of levels and of growth) is not evenly distributed across the whole economy, but is concentrated in the services sector and in micro-enterprises, which are three times less productive than large companies.

04 July 2016

Southern Italy is growing more than Central-Northern Italy: catching up is easier said than done

In the South, GDP and employment have at last started rising, even with a more intense rhythm than Central-Northern Italy. It is a significant achievement for an area badly affected by the crisis, however, it is not sufficient to ensure the beginning of a decrease in territorial gaps.

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