The Markets: trapped between dream and psychoanalysis

Among the array of suggestions presented by Vienna, the hosting city of the 12th course of inFormation, we grasped the psychoanalytic thread, that went on to conquer the world precisely from Austria. We achieved this by experimenting the fact that the “dream” of every investor in regard to the abiding soundness of the good old rules of the portfolio theory is by now a “traum” (German translation of dream that in Italian, however, is endowed with quite different hues), in observing the entire irrationality of the markets and their operators, which by no coincidence are increasingly a machine and no longer a mind...

In the eyes of the advisor, again metaphorically speaking, the role of the “psychoanalyst” lies in the arduous attempt to make acceptable to the investor a reality which is often elusive even for him/herself.

Imperial Vienna lends itself well to celebrations, as in the case of Paris in 2014.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Prometeia Advisor Sim, born in April 2014 and authorised in October of the same year. For us it was also a matter of making a “dream” come true: bringing back to life in the form of a supervised subject, the first principal Italian independent financial advisor. Ten years later, we are glad to be able to say that we have been successful, albeit confessing to a wealth of “traumas” caused in these past few years by an “uneven playing field ”, namely facing the commitments assumed in regulatory and supervisory terms so as to ensure the utmost transparency of our activity, with the ensuing cost increases and burdens also placed upon our customers (that we take the opportunity to thank for their continuing trust and confidence), whereas our competitors retained more streamlined and informal structures.

In the two days of intense work preparing for the “interpretation of dreams”, voice was given to the representatives of the financial industry interacting with the broad and multifaceted audience of investors attending the event.

The material presented in the plenary sessions will be made available in these pages, aside from being summarised in the special issue of ANTEO.

The now customary afternoon “parallel sessions” provided the opportunity for a comparison inter pares across representatives of foundations, pension funds and welfare and assistance funds with the respective supervisory Authorities and trade Associations. Great consideration was given to the session dedicated to investors operating in the sector of supplementary health care, a multifaceted dimension awaiting a comprehensive regulatory framework that will necessarily also concern investments.

The restyling of the second decade could not overlook our websites and our newsletter, wrinkled in places and thus brought back into step with the best practice technological innovations and aligned with the new style of communication of the Prometeia Group.

Our outsourcing services and the channels through which these will be delivered shall be endowed with greater technological content, inaugurating a second decade under the banner of “Prometeia Advisor 2.0”. To this end, we will intensify the process leading us over these years to strive to make Prometeia's risk & portfolio management applications scalable and suitable for institutional investors, that currently proudly boasts a dominant position in the international classification of Chartis RiskTech 100 for liquidity risk and ALM solutions, aside from the indisputable leadership in Italy for IT platforms in support of wealth management operators.



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