Through absolute yield

After the gratifying success of Lisbon in 2005 and Athens in 2006, demonstrated by the increasing number of participants and by the resonance of our conference in the market, we have arrived to our 3rd InFormation Course.

We started with the “Parallel Perspectives”, first introduced in Lisbon, which are an attempt to find a common paradigm and language, to channel all efforts towards a single objective: the needs of Italian institutional investors. The discussion stressed the need to return to the basics, to review the stages of the investment process and analyse the different aspects that involve the investor before or after the purchase of financial instruments. Inspired by this new direction, and by the bridge as the symbol of Prometeia Advisor, we have gone from the westernmost European capital, Lisbon, to the easternmost one, Athens, where we wish to play “New and Old Harmonies”.

Led by the connecting thread of financial innovation, which increasingly characterises the offer of advisory and financial services, we have gone north to Prague: a symbol of the refusal to surrender to force and, today, one of the most dynamic cities of the so-called “converging” Europe.

In our virtual course, the convergence is the one (at last) achieved between investor and manager, who share objectives and constraints with “absolute return” policies, leaving the manager as the one to deal with markets, investment universe, asset allocation… We have gone, therefore, “Through Absolute Yield”, to dissect and clarify the most important aspects.

The conference was closed with a presentation on how Prometeia Advisor and the whole Prometeia Group are facing the challenges of financial innovation and increasingly well-informed and organised investors, who demand consulting services and technologies adequate to the evolution of the market and to their specific requirements.

This special issue of Anteo includes a summary of most presentations, to give those who could not attend in person a chance to participate indirectly to the conference.


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