Prospettive parallele

On June 2-3, Prometeia organised in Lisbon a meeting of discussion and information on the most current issues related to investment activities, dedicated to its institutional clients. A few financial operators took part in the meeting and had the opportunity to discuss their actual experiences and “hear” the issues of more than twenty institutional investors operating in Italy.

The initiative had remarkable success in terms not only of number of participants but above all of quality of the discussion, both during the formal conference proceedings and at the networking events that helped increasing the flow of information exchanged by the different market operators.

We are planning, therefore, to repeat the event and turn it into an annual appointment, with the cooperation of market operators interested in sharing with us this “InFormation Course” for institutional investors.This Special issue of Anteo contains a summary of the conference proceedings, according to the investment logic of the core-satellite portfolio model used by Prometeia in its advisory activity presented on the opening day by Davide Squarzoni, senior consultant of Prometeia.

The opening speech was given by Prof. Paolo Onofri, the Secretary of Prometeia Association, who described the medium-term macroeconomic and financial issues that investors must keep into account in the decision-making process.

This was followed by financial operators' presentations on the opportunities available today in the financial markets and by the presentation of the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, the state-controlled investment company.

We thank all those who took part and made possible the success of our event. We think that our making available the conference material will be appreciated, and hopefully give an additional contribution to the growth of the Italian institutional investor community.


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