Wealth Planning

For institutions taking a holistic view of their clients’ needs, the PFTPro® platform offers a variety of financial planning modules, allowing clients to extend their advisory capabilities beyond financial portfolios. Financial planning components may be integrated seamlessly with the portfolio advisory functionalities of PFTPro® to progressively develop a total wealth advisory offer, or taken up separately to stand alone or enhance existing services and platforms. The modules benefit from Prometeia’s extensive expertise in customer behavior modelling, retrieval of customer data from external sources, and the integration of both into the financial planning process to render it engaging, sophisticated and more valuable to the client. 

Selected functionalities include

  1. Total wealth planning
  2. Smart client profiling
  3. Needs analysis
  4. Multi-goal planning
  5. Wealth and cash flow projection
  6. Retirement planning
  7. Real estate planning
  8. Mortgage analysis
  9. Estate planning
  10. Tax planning
  11. Private equity analysis
  1. Financial Advisory
  2. Wealth Planning
  3. Insurance Advisory
  4. Corporate Advisory
  5. Data Services