Training and Change Management

The success of new initiatives depends heavily on an institution’s ability manage change and with it retrain, qualify and motivate its staff. To this end Prometeia makes all of its specialist knowledge and skills available to clients through knowledge training programs aimed at everyone from front line branch staff to top management.

Training courses:

  1. support resources' professional growth
  2. foster innovation
  3. promote corporate culture
  4. use a wide range of learning methodologies and channels
  5. may be financed via inter-professional funds
  6. are customized

Training and change management services include:

  1. training needs analysis
  2. skills mapping, knowledge and skills assessment
  3. job descriptions and job profiles
  4. role qualifying training
  5. personalized training programs and skills certifications
  6. digital adaptive learning platform
  7. ESMA/IVASS/IDD compliant courses

Example topics:

  1. financial and wealth advisory
  2. business consulting with a focus on strenghtening the 'bank-enterprise' relationship
  3. 'risk culture' and a 360° awareness of banking risks
  1. Business Strategy
  2. Regulation and Compliance
  3. Market Analysis
  4. Product Innovation and Governance
  5. Customer Insight
  6. Training and Change Management
  7. Data Science