Financial Advisory

The PFTPro® front office platform offers a full range of modular functionalities to support the delivery of MiFID II compliant financial portfolio advisory services. It can be configured to provide the sophistication required by HNWI advisors, automated processes appropriate for mass market or self-service investors, as well as processes suitable to the intermediate segments. Individual functionalities can also be used to augment existing systems, and may be provided with or without data and/or the user interface.

Selected functionalities include:

  1. Smart client profiling
  2. Client management
  3. Account aggregation
  4. Portfolio management
  5. Portfolio analysis and reporting
  6. Portfolio suitability
  7. Portfolio optimization including RoboAdvisory
  8. Portfolio simulation and what-if
  9. Proposal generation
  10. Wealth risk management
  11. Monitoring and alerting
  12. Campaign management
  13. Allocation
  1. Financial Advisory
  2. Wealth Planning
  3. Insurance Advisory
  4. Corporate Advisory
  5. Data Services