Customer Insight

Prometeia is a recognized leader in helping clients leverage the wealth of available data, internal and external, to optimize decision-making at both the single customer and institutional level. From design and deployment of customer models which enable CRM systems and front line staff to make appropriate decisions for each customer, to interactive management reporting and transparent network performance evaluation, Prometeia’s expertise helps clients make the most of their data.

Services cover:

  1. 360° customer data management
  2. Integration of external data sources
  3. Customer behavior modelling
  4. Customer needs analysis
  5. KPI development
  6. Management reporting
  7. Performance analysis
  8. Business intelligence
  1. Business Strategy
  2. Regulation and Compliance
  3. Market Analysis
  4. Product Innovation and Governance
  5. Customer Insight
  6. Training and Change Management
  7. Data Science