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Copyright and trademarks

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The Prometeia Atlante app

With Prometeia Atlante you can obtain, in an immediate and personalized way, the insights and analyses of Prometeia subject matter experts on hot topics and the latest technological trends regarding:

  • banks, insurance companies, financial markets and the investment management industry;
  • industrial sectors;
  • economic scenarios and economic policy;
  • risk management;
  • wealth management;
  • institutional investors.

The app allows a complete customization for topics of interest, with constant updates (push notifications and / or mail) of articles, graphics and videos. You can save the most interesting contents, sharing them with whoever you want, whenever you want. Interactive charts and polls allow you to grasp the pulse of the most popular trends.

Prometeia Atlante is aimed at financial actors, analysts, consultants, asset managers, data scientists, professors, students, researchers, journalists and, in general, all those who are interested in economic and financial analysis.


The Prometeia Career app

With Prometeia Career you can learn about the opportunities that Prometeia offers on the job market, the stories of our people within the company and the initiatives with universities.

The app allows a complete customization by areas and profiles of interest, with constant updates (via push notifications and / or mail) on corporate life in Prometeia, the jobs for which to send your application and recruiting initiatives. You can save the most interesting contents, sharing them with whoever you want, anytime. A career test will advise you on the most suitable professional profile for your characteristics.

Prometeia Career is aimed at students and young workers potentially willing to work in our company.


Authorised use

Without prejudice to the above, Prometeia S.p.A. authorises the User to download and print the content of the website and the apps on a single computer solely for internal corporate use, provided that the user does not alter this content in any way and that s/he retains all notifications relating to copyright and the other property rights viewed on such content, it being understood that the User cannot reproduce, change, distribute, transmit, publish or disclose the content of the website and the apps without the prior written consent of Prometeia S.p.A..

Notwithstanding the above, members of the press may cite the textual, graphic and infographic contents of the website and the apps, provided that the formula "Prometeia Source" is stated in writing and provided that such specific use takes place at the sole risk of said specific users and that Prometeia S.p.A., does not assume liability in relation to any harmful repercussions of said specific use.


Personal Data - Privacy Policy

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The website and the apps (including, without limitation, texts, graphics, links or any other elements) contain general information that does not constitute consulting and/or professional services, or that may be considered as such in any way.

The website and the apps are provided as are, and Prometeia S.p.A. does not provide any guarantee, explicit or implicit, with respect to their content. In particular, Prometeia S.p.A. does not provide any guarantee relative to the fact that the website and the apps are secure, free from errors, viruses or harmful codes or that they meet specific criteria in terms of performance or quality. Prometeia S.p.A. does not provide any guarantee, explicit or implicit, with regard to the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of the content of the website and the apps and expressly declines any liability for errors or omissions in such content.

The use of the website and the apps is at the sole risk of the User, who assumes full responsibility and risk of loss or damage stemming from such use, without limitation.

Without prejudice to the mandatory legal requirements, Prometeia S.p.A. shall not be held liable for any direct, indirect, special, accidental, consequential, punitive or any other damages, contractual and extra-contractual alike, relating to or resulting from the use (or lack thereof) of the website and the apps, even if Prometeia S.p.A. was aware, or should have been aware, of the possibility of such damages arising. 

The User acknowledges that the use of hypertext links to other Internet resources is at his/her sole risk. The content, precision, accuracy, opinions expressed by the contents accessed by the User via the hypertext links provided by the website and the apps, are not investigated, verified, monitored or approved by Prometeia S.p.A., that therefore shall not assume any liability in this sense.


Applicable law

These Terms of Use are governed by Italian legislation, unless otherwise specifically stated. Any dispute arising from these Terms of Use shall be exclusively settled by the Court of Bologna, Italy.


Validity - Amendment

Prometeia S.p.A. reserves the right to change these Terms of Use at any time, at its sole discretion, publishing them as amended via the "Terms of Use" link (e.g. the page you are currently consulting) or elsewhere in the website or the apps. These amendments shall become effective after publication. The User is responsible for verifying any potential amendments to the Terms of Use. Access to any page of the website or the apps, following the amendments made to these Terms of Use by the User shall constitute acceptance of the amended Terms of Use.