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Prometeia maintains a presence in Switzerland, a key market, with an experienced local team specializing in wealth management front office digitalization. We help private banks transform the way they interact with their clients by enabling personalized, customer-centric, omni-channel services that are natively FIDLEG compliant. Our technology is used by many institutions to improve the effectiveness of their front office, enhance service quality and optimize cost-to-serve. Prometeia’s data analysis service delivers daily instrument analytics data feeds, including market, credit and liquidity risk, as well aggregate indicators like the PRC and SRI.

Who we are, 
what we do

Prometeia’s Enterprise Wealth Management platform, PFTPro, has a modular, service-oriented architecture that lends itself to rapid deployment, incremental adoption, extensive customization and easy integration with existing systems. From sophisticated support for experienced HNWI-focused advisors to highly automated robo-advisory service models leveraging cutting-edge machine learning methods, clients simply choose the mix of components that best suit their needs. 

Currently, the PFTPro solution supports the management of over €2 trillion in assets across millions of private portfolios, which range from thousands to hundreds of millions in value.

Our Data Analysis Service (DAS) provides raw or processed market data and analytics, including risk, classifications, breakdowns, and a variety of ex-post indicators. Calculations are incorporated into long-established and robust production processes based on data from multiple sources with elaborate quality controls. Nearly 100 institutions rely on DAS to provide the market data and analytics that drive their daily operations. 

Our team includes subject matter experts and consultants with a deep understanding of the Swiss banking sector, business needs and regulatory environment including FIDLEG. We combine the experience of our international advisors, who bring industry best practices from other markets, with the support of local consultants who understand the Swiss context. 

Prometeia is the ideal partner for banks looking to transform their wealth management technology and processes.


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