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Thanks to its consolidated expertise in macroeconomic research and analysis, development of quantitative models and methodologies based on the best technologies, and the constant interaction between teams of economists and consultants, Prometeia has developed the new Prometeia Macro Intelligence portal, including:

  • All macroeconomic analyses, forecasts, databases and historical series which are featured in the periodic publications of Prometeia, such as the Quarterly Economic Outlook;
  • Economic Scenario Service, a service that allows: to identify the possible evolution of the main economic and financial variables, even in conditions other than those expected; to understand their relationship with risk factors that have an impact on the structure of the Financial Statements, capital adequacy and liquidity; to assess the impact of alternative economic scenarios on the prospects of your bank or firm.

The tool for board members and top managers to integrate the management of market scenarios within their decision-making processes


Prometeia new offer mode

Economic Scenario Service

Macroeconomic, financial and banking sector forecasts under expected (baseline) and alternative (stress) conditions, with a relative probability of realisation

Support to the interpretation of scenarios through a documentation that explains the rationality of the scenarios and comments on the main trends

Extension of the EBA set of scenario variables (baseline and adverse)
in the context of regulatory stress exercise with methodological notes supporting explanatory notes for the Supervisory Authority

Provision of bank-specific stress scenarios designed according to the specific needs of customers and/or processes to be supported

Development and release of simulation tools and platforms dedicated to the preparation of deterministic and stochastic scenarios and/or derived reverse stress scenarios to verify specific bank conditions


Scenario Library

Provides macroeconomic, financial and banking scenarios that are regularly updated in line with changes in risk factors

Economic Scenario Service

Scenario Generator

Allows you to create your own custom scenarios, based on your specific characteristics/needs

Economic Scenario Service

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