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Economic Analyses and Forecasting

Prometeia produces short and medium-term forecasts for the Italian and global economies and long-term forecasts for the Italian economy. Moreover, we also perform microeconomic analyses regarding subjects such as the distribution of personal income, debt and the financial conditions of households and the labour market. All services are now available through the Prometeia Macro Intelligence portal.


Financial Markets and Intermediaries

Prometeia develops Business Information tools for banks, insurance companies, asset managers and financial markets operators. Analysis, forecasting and proprietary databases, together with personalized advisory, support our Risk Management, Wealth Management and Financial Advisory solutions. The publications and their databases are now available in the Prometeia data hub, which allows you to navigate the data flexibly and individually.


Industrial and Regional Strategies

With Prometeia MIO, Market Insights Outlook, we build Business Information solutions based on Prometeia’s analytics and forecasts to support your strategic decisions. We help enterprises, banks and institutions be more efficient and make more informed decisions for their future.