Quality Policy

Focus ISO 9001


Our Quality Policy is Prometeia S.p.A.’s commitment to its stakeholders: in order to fulfil this commitment, a Quality Management System has been planned and introduced in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001 standards.

Through its Quality Policy, Prometeia’s top management ensures the following processes as indicated by the Scope of the Certification:

  1. Planning and issue of reports relating to micro and macro economic and market analyses; 
  2. Planning, development, installation, integration and consulting services for Risk Management software applications;
  3. Planning and provision of training courses on the market

in order to satisfy all the express and implicit needs of their customers and stakeholders.

Prometeia implements its Quality Policy by identifying measurable goals, consisting of TO DOs which require risk mitigation actions, and TO WISH actions involving areas for improvement. 

The measurable goals are determined by the Company’s Mission:

  • Skills and expertise of excellence, that must be pursued at all times. Taking pride in the professional quality of our work. Ours is a company of skills and expertise rather than status
  • Our goal is to provide high quality IT solutions and professional services. In our field, we are the best with respect to the most important companies in the world. We are not the biggest company, but we are one of the best
  • Our most important assets are people and our reputation. Medium-long term profitability is crucial for our future and development, which must be sustainable
  • A spirit and entrepreneurial attitude that goes beyond organisational roles. Each and everyone must recommend, innovate and suggest better ways of working that meet the needs of our customers
  • Long-term goals must be expressed in what we do every day, providing to our personnel the guidelines and rules required to ensure consistency. Teamwork is essential to transform our values into what we do everyday

That is why Prometeia is committed to ensuring:

  1. Compliance with applicable, binding requirements with respect to the type of product and service provided
  2. A risk-oriented approach in managing our business processes
  3. The development of products and services that comply with projects and financial plans defined with our customers
  4. The continuous improvement of our organisation, business processes and Quality System, adapting them to the requests of our customers and stakeholders, both in terms of planning and methodological approaches
  5. The use of suppliers and outsourcers of proven reliability
  6. Unique and consistent styles and working methods within the company, while improving the professional skills of our employees, in accordance with internal development goals
  7. Innovation, both of our processes and products
  8. A system to evaluate our results that takes into account organisational performance and the social and economic effects of the company’s activities
  9. Relationships and collaborations with the territorial system of businesses, associations, and institutions

Our Quality Policy and its goals are reviewed at least once a year during the “Management Review”.