Supervision, risks & profitability (AbiEventi)

Beyond Basel

Rome 26-27/06/2019

As the international regulatory landscape changes and new actors drive forward competition, risk management has become an increasingly critical factor in banking processes. It follows that the needs of customers change just as rapidly.

In the face of these trends, banks and financial intermediaries are called on to ratchet up quality in order to increase the sustainability and profitability of their businesses. How should they tackle this issue?

Supervision, Risks & Profitability is an event promoted by ABI and sponsored by Prometeia to formally address the needs of professionals who face the challenge of handling ever more pervasive rules and increasingly complex risks, seeking to transform them into growth opportunities in markets now interconnected and digitalised.

The topics discussed at the opening plenary event "The evolution of the regulatory framework, of competition and of bank profitability" include:

  1. The regulatory evolution trend: CRR2, CRD5, BRRD2 and collateral regulations
  2. The impact of regulation on bank profitability; is a minimum required profit necessary for stability? 
  3. Risk management and the need to accompany and promote the development of new business models 
  4. Sustainable finance in the expectations of regulators, operators and the social community

Focus of Prometeia's presentation: the revolution of the regulatory scenario, competition and profitability of banks.

Supervision, risks & profitability