Quarterly Economic Outlook September 2019

Bologna, Royal Hotel Carlton, 27/09/2019


The international context is gradually deteriorating, particularly in the euro area, which is more open to international trade and is less well supported by economic policies than other areas. How this context will evolve in the coming months will depend, largely, on the tariff war between the United States and China, which probably will not take a clear turn until next year's American presidential elections.

The presentation of the report will be an opportunity, also, to assess how the new Italian government intends to set its economic policy to support the economy and to redefine its role in Europe. In particular, the 2020 budget bill will be its first real test. 

As usual, in the first part of the morning, we will discuss global and Italian economic developments. In the second part, we will examine next year’s Italian budget bill and will focus, in particular, on an aspect that is especially relevant to the Italian case and could achieve new boost from the application of new technologies. This is the fight against tax evasion. We will discuss these issues with Michael Keen (Deputy Director of the Fiscal Affairs Department, IMF) and Maria Cecilia Guerra (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia). 

Quarterly Economic Outlook September 2019
Launch of the Quarterly Economic Outlook July 2019
Outlook and risks 
Lorenzo Forni
Prometeia Associazione
The global economy 
Lorena Vincenzi
Prometeia Associazione
The Italian economy 
Stefania Tomasini
Prometeia Associazione
Coffee break
The 2020 Italian budget and the fight against tax evasion
Lorenzo Forni
Prometeia Associazione
Fighting tax evasion – International experience
Interview with Michael Keen
International Monetary Fund
The 2020 budget and the fight against tax evasion in Italy
Maria Cecilia Guerra
University of Modena and Reggio Emilia 
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