Quarterly Economic Outlook December 2019

Bologna, Royal Hotel Carlton, 19/12/2019


In line with the scenarios proposed in our last Outlooks, there are increasing signs that the global economy is stabilizing, thanks to the support of economic policies, resilient consumptions and corporate profits and the temporary cool-down in trade tensions over recent months. 

At the same time, however, risk factors have been increasing: private and public debt levels are rising, world trade remains at a standstill and the investment cycle is declining. Above all, there is increasing uncertainty about how certain major issues, from social equity to climate, will influence political and economic developments in the coming years. In this context, Italy seems to be playing it by ear.

As usual, in the first part of the morning we will present our perspectives on these issues and in the second part, we will discuss the outlook for the Italian economy following the Budget Law, with Carlo Cottarelli (Osservatorio sui Conti Pubblici Italiani, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore), and we will discuss the financial risks at the European level, with a particular focus on those related to climate, with Paul Hiebert (Head of Systemic Risk and Financial Institutions, ECB)

Quarterly Economic Outlook December 2019
Launch of the Quarterly Economic Outlook
The themes of the outlook and the related risks 
Lorenzo Forni
Prometeia Associazione
The global economy 
Lorena Vincenzi
Prometeia Associazione
The Italian economy 
Stefania Tomasini
Prometeia Associazione
Coffee break
Focus: Europe and Italy towards 2020
The outlook for the Italian economy after the Budget Law
Carlo Cottarelli 
Osservatorio CPI
Financial and climate risks: the ECB view 
Paul Hiebert 
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