Prometeia nella task force CEPS-ECMI per l'Asset Allocation

Prometeia in the CEPS-ECMI task force for Asset Allocation in Europe


Prometeia is the only consultancy firm to join the Centre for European Policy Search (CEPS) and European Capital market Institute (ECMI) task force on Asset Allocation in Europe.

The initiative involves experts from different backgrounds (institutions, policymakers, industry representatives and academics), contributing to the public debate in order to:

  • identify the factors at macro- and micro- level that will drive investment decisions in Europe in the short, medium and long run;
  • analyse their impact on retail investors and on different categories of financial intermediaries (asset managers, investment banks, insurance companies, pension funds)
  • put forward a list of recommendations to strengthen the long-term savings and investment channel in Europe.

Next meeting on October 24th in Brussels: "Asset allocation in Europe: What challenges and opportunities lie ahead?", where Prometeia is attending the session focused on insurance companies.

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