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Prometeia launches Risk Academy

Prometeia, the global leader in Risk Management consulting and software solutions, announced the start of its own risk management training programme, ‘Prometeia Risk Academy’.

Prometeia’s business model sets it apart from traditional professional training providers: its teaching relies heavily on real world practical experience, since Prometeia’s matter experts are constantly involved in the delivery of risk management projects in a multitude of banks and financial institutions.

Prometeia’s training mission is to add value to customers by building a bridge between economic theory, econometrics, finance and day-by-day banking challenges.


"’Risk’ is the unifying viewpoint for understanding, interpreting and managing banking activity in today’s world,” says Massimo Pedroni, Partner and Head of International Business at Prometeia. “In emerging countries this poses a challenge that requires the development of new skills, competences and know-how.”


The first course within the programme will deal with risk-based Asset Liability Management and Funds Transfer Pricing, during the related event organized by the Union of Arab Banks in Cairo next 6-9 August. For further information on the event visit here.

ERMAS, Prometeia’s new generation of value-centric Risk solutions, is used by over 200 clients in more than 20 different countries to support their critical decisions and to comply with local and international regulatory requirements.

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