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The Prometeia AI4Risk Expert Circle

Virtual meetings, roundtables and thought leadership addressed to a community or risk professionals willing to explore the new frontier of Data Science in the Risk Management domain


At Prometeia we understand that our clients need our support and inspiration to continue to learn, discuss and experiment frontier topics. To make the most of their expert knowledge and to share it with us and our global customer base.

This is why we launch the AI4Risk Expert Circle, a virtual community of risk practitioners keen to explore the potential of Data Science in solving business and regulatory challenges.

The AI4Risk Expert Circle promotes a series of webinars, papers, use cases, round tables and debates designed for all professionals interested to deepen their knowledge in a wide range of subjects, from AI-based Risk Modelling to Advanced Analytics and Digital Lending.

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AI4Risk Expert Circle's initiatives


Prometeia wins Balance Sheet Risk Management category award in the 2021 RiskTech100

20 November 2020

Prometeia also enters the top 30 in the global rankings of RiskTech providers

White paper

AI & Risk Management: enabling factors, use cases and future challenges

19 October 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions are spreading at an impressive speed and with a disruptive impact, renewing business models in different sectors, increasingly characterized by digital, automated and efficiency-driven processes.Not surprisingly, Risk Management solutions are more and more adopting Artificial Intelligence techniques to improve operational efficiency – resulting from the automation of processes, with related time, human effort and costs reduction.This white paper examines the roots of this combination, the main application fields nowadays and the future challenges.


The Prometeia AI-based Model Validation Framework

17 September 2020

Within the Prometeia AI4Risk Expert Circle project, in this 45-minute live session we discussed our AI-based Model Validation Framework, with particular focus on machine learning and deep learning models. Our approach covers four distinctive pillars: Process, Data, Governance and Method. Featuring Cem Arısoy, Credit Risk Control and Risk Models Validation at DenizBank.

Training session

Prometeia shows Turkish BRSA real-life AI experiences in Banking

31 August 2020


The new frontier of LGD modelling: boosting performance with Machine Learning

24 June 2020

Watch our latest webinar on the industry trends on AI and Advanced Analytics in credit risk modelling, featuring Dmitri Kraynov (Sberbank Group) and David Eschwe (Raiffeisen Bank International).