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Interest Rate Risk Management Strategies and IRRBB

Training course by Risk Training

Amsterdam, 18-19 March 2020

Prometeia is among the speakers of the incoming Risk's training course on Interest Rate Risk Management Strategies and IRRBB. This training course will have sessions from industry experts covering important topics post IRRBB implementation.

These will include: the current regulatory environment; model complexities and hedging strategies within interest rate risk management; IRRBB governance; AI and automation; accounting treatment and reporting with other regulation and behavioural modelling.

Prometeia will speak on Day 1 and deal with IRRBB: setting up limits and managing the balance sheet accordingly:

  1. Goals for IRRBB management and setting up an IRR strategy
  2. Management philosophies
  3. Concrete examples for limit systems
  4. How are course participants limits calibrated?
  5. Hedging and steering the balance sheet

Prometeia's Speaker

Gursah Pektas

Gursah Pektas Senior Manager