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4th annual Bank Treasury Forum

Roadmap for building smart Treasury policy

Moscow, September 19-20, 2019


Due to regulatory changes and the rapid development of new technologies, banks are constantly challenged to adapt their Treasury policies to an ever changing landscape. Analyzing and evaluating government requirements and current changes in the Treasury function, understanding new perspectives, limitations, and difficulties all combine to create significant challenges for banks across the nation.

The 2019 Bank Treasury Forum will focus on the latest Treasury function transformations and changing requirements, identify new government requirements for the banking sector, deep dive into the potential cooperation perspectives with Corporate Treasury.

Leveraging on its long-lived experience in the field and its presence in the Russian market, Prometeia takes the stage on Day 1 with Massimo Pedroni, Head of International Business, present Prometeia's latest industry survey on Credit Spread Risk in the Banking Book (CSRBB)

4th annual Bank Treasury Forum