Data Driven Innovation - III edition

Rome, May 18-19

Data Driven Innovation
 is the annual event where data scientists and experts exchange views about how the culture of data is changing our society and our economy.

Prometeia this year takes part to the session 'Machine Learning 2' on Saturday, May 19 with the speech 'Working as a Data Scientist in a company: big hype or big hope'.



From 2012 to today the number of job advertisements with the title "Data Scientist", "Machine Learning Engineer" and "Big Data Developer" has literally exploded.

However, companies that try to cover these roles do not always have a clear idea of necessary skills, nor understanding of the problems on which data scientists should focus on bringing effective business value.

The experience gained in companies in different sectors, as well as in teams of various sizes, allows an open and personal reflection on the factors of success and pitfalls to avoid in the setting and selection of a data scientist or data analyst. This choice is delicate and strategic because the techniques and methods of advanced analytics and machine learning, included in organic programs, become a key tool able to transform and enhance the business.


Prometeia Speaker

Maddalena Amoruso  - Prometeia

Maddalena Amoruso
A partner at Prometeia since 2018. Graduated in Physics at Pisa University with a thesis at “Scuola Normale Superiore”, she joined the Group in 2017 as a Head of Data Science Business Line, with the goal of supporting clients in their digital transformation journey, leveraging internal and external data, thanks to the adoption of machine learning and artificial intelligence methodologies that complement advanced analytics traditional techniques. Her career developed through different markets, from Telcos to Software services to Insurance, where she has led Generali Assicurazioni’s analytical competence center.