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Climate Change Risk across the EU Banking System

Prometeia Survey - November 2020


During Q3 2020, Prometeia conducted a survey aimed to deepen how EU Banks are currently facing and are planning to manage in the near future risks that are arising from Climate Changes.

The exercise was carried out as a result of the increasing attention that supervisory authorities (EBA, ECB) on one hand and public opinion on the other towards this topic. 

This presentation aims to report the final results of the survey carried out on a panel of banks mainly located in the European Union, ranging from Less significant to G-SIBs. 

The areas of interest in this survey are: 

  • Level of awareness; 
  • Development expectations; 
  • Governance & Internal Organization; 
  • Risk Management practices, with a focus on data availability & adequacy; 
  • Adoption in main strategic and business processes;
  • Budgeting and investment allocation.