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Artificial Intelligence in Banking - Risks and Rewards

Balancing the risks and rewards of Artificial Intelligence in Banking

Vienna, 26 February 2020

Prometeia takes part to the event Artificial Intelligence in Banking - Risks and Rewards. Together with PRMIA (Professional Risk Manager's International Association) and banking experts discuss how banks can balance the benefits with the risks introduced by AI.

Across industries, analysts expect a dramatic increase in adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) technology over the next few years. In financial services specifically, the appeal of AI technology is strong and growing, outpacing many other industries. According to number of surveys, the Artificial Intelligence comes with substantial benefits and the expectations are very high. But do these benefits come for free?

Some factions of the industry are already calling for a cautious approach toward AI. Leading the pack are model risk management and model governance professionals responsible for protecting their banks from losses caused by use of improper or inaccurate models. The banking regulators who are also concerned about the risks that using AI models entails are taking first actions by providing  general principles and recommendations for use of AI in financial services

As the industry increasingly adopts AI, it becomes essential to know how to confront the challenges raised by this promising technology.

Here some of the main topics: 

  • The key areas of Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence in the Banking processes
  • The impacts of Advanced Analytics methods with respect to the “common practice”:
  • the role of new technology and its neutrality
  • the adoption of new (“big”) data concept
  • how the successfully develop a model with AI methods
  • Existing and incoming AI models in FSI industry - examples
  • Model validation; is the current validation framework applicable?


Prometeia speaker

Christian Marini  Senior Manager
Christian is Senior Manager at Prometeia for the International Business Practice. He has joined Prometeia in 2007, working as subject matter expert in the Credit Risk modeling space, in collaboration with both financial and non-financial institutions. His expertise includes both development of credit risk methodologies and implementation of Credit Risk Infrastructures, with particular focus on DACHS and CEE countries. In the last few years, Christian has delivered projects to central banks, international banking groups and local financial institutions, for different risk segments, from retail small tickets to low default portfolios.