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19th Annual Liquidity Management conference by Marcus Evans

19-20 October 2020

Examine responses to liquidity management throughout COVID-19 and establish funding plans that help to meet short and long term liquidity demands

The regulatory liquidity stress testing in Europe: the LiST

Prometeia's team joins a qualified panel of speakers, leveraging its expertise to address the challenges for liquidity stress testing, all the more in times of COVID-19.

  1. Main characteristics of the exercise
  2. The experience of Prometeia in supporting the European banks
  3. Key ffndings and results
  4. Implications of COVID-19 and lessons learnt for liquidity risk management

For any questions on the issue, please write to: risk.community@prometeia.com.


Prometeia's speaker


Massimo Pedroni, Senior Partner Prometeia
A senior partner at Prometeia since 2018. He has been the Head of International Business since 2014 and coordinates the activities of the overseas branches of the Group based in London, Istanbul, Moscow, Cairo and Lagos. A graduate with honours in Banking Economics from the University of Modena in 2000, he completed a Master’s in Finance at University College London (UCL). Before returning to Prometeia, he worked for KPMG and Lloyds TSB in London as head of the Model Governance & Validation department. His many years of experience as a Risk Management consultant have seen him work in over fifteen countries, managing major projects in Austria, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Central-Eastern Europe and the Middle East.