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Prometeia Advisor SIM supports its customers in the selection of managers and products. Since 2001 we have been relying on a proprietary database that currently classifies over 5,000 products split into more than 150 peer groups. There are over 250 listed fund management companies that contribute free of charge to the database with information about offers and companies.

These data are checked during regular meetings organised with the management companies. In 2015 alone, there were more than seventy. The selection process is articulated into two stages. The quantitative stage consists of the application of a proprietary algorithm, developed and continuously monitored, also with the support of the university, made up of twenty measures broken down into 6 families.

This stage takes place prior to the qualitative analysis to which every product is subject during selection and that entails direct contact with the management companies.In 2015, we were responsible for over 200 selections (management mandates, open-ended and closed-end funds and policies) for a total amount higher than two billion EUR.

List of providers analysed for each type of instrument.