Risk Management GEFIA

For 10 years Prometeia Advisor SIM has been offering risk management services in full outsourcing to managers of alternative products. It is currently the leading company in Italy on these matters, able to monitor core and opportunistic strategies alike.

To this end, it has developed proprietary models that measure the risk involved in relation to:

  1. a single property asset
  2. a property portfolio
  3. the vehicle that holds the property

By using qualitative and qualitative methodologies. Moreover, it developed instruments and applications covering all the activities for mapping and measuring the operational risks for the manager.
As risk manager monitors on behalf of its customers:

  1. the institution of new AIFs
  2. the ordinary management (leases) and extraordinary management (sales, capex) of the managed AIFs
  3. the update of the business plans of the latter
  4. the evaluation process
  5. the signature of new financing operations

Ensuring that the risk profile complies with what is communicated to the investors and that the asset allocation reflects the legislative and regulatory constraints.

  1. Strategic Asset Allocation
  2. Tactical asset allocation
  3. Risk Management
  4. ALM
  5. Transition Management
  6. Selection Process
  7. Order routing
  8. Risk Management GEFIA
  9. Finance Services Ombudsman