Risk Management

Our approach puts together a solid and codified process with an advanced risk management tool based on a multidimensional approach.


Assessment of the risk management model

We evaluate the client’s current model through a in-depth analysis of the processes with respect to the regulatory framework, thus identifying areas for potential improvement.


Design of the new risk management model

We support the clients in re-definining risk management policies in a way that is compliant with the current regulatory framework (e.g. IORP II).



We support the clients in the make-or-buy decision related to the implementation phase.


Advanced risk management

Thanks to Prometeia Group expertise, we are able to provide timely ex-ante portfolio risk measurement based on advanced risk calculation metrics (including market, credit and liquidity risk).


ESG integration

We are able to implement ESG valutation criteria, if taken into account by the client’s policy, as a core aspect of the risk analysis framework.

  1. Performance & Risk Analysis
  2. Strategic Asset Allocation
  3. Tactical asset allocation
  4. ALM
  5. Selection Process
  6. Risk Management
  7. Investment Process Engineering
  8. Order routing