Order Routing

Prometeia Advisor SIM supports clients in the active management of their shareholdings, both aimed at disposal as well as within extraordinary financial transactions, as well as in the subscription and/or redemption of financial instruments, with qualified assistance in the case of customised financial instruments.

The offer is articulated into: 


Strategies for the active management of shareholdings

Prometeia Advisor SIM provides support in the identification and the delivery of the most effective and efficient strategies for the active management of strategic and non-strategic investments.


Strategies aimed at the disposal of shareholdings

Prometeia Advisor SIM provides customised support in identifying possible disposal routes for investments and in carrying out the transaction.


Investment instruments

Prometeia Advisor SIM searches for the optimal solution for a dedicated investment or for the coverage of specific portfolio risks.


Transactions in illiquid financial instruments

Prometeia Advisor SIM supports in finding counterparts to purchase or dispose of financial instruments, in particular illiquid, on the secondary market.


Order routing

Prometeia Advisor SIM supports in the subscription and/or redemption of financial instruments.

  1. Strategic Asset Allocation
  2. Tactical asset allocation
  3. Performance & Risk Analysis
  4. ALM
  5. Selection Process
  6. Risk Management
  7. Investment Process Engineering
  8. Order routing