Investment Process Engineering

Prometeia supports its institutional clients in the design, creation and ongoing assistance of dedicated investment platforms.


Main services

  • Feasibility study of the solution, based on the characteristics of the investor and his portfolio 
  • Design of the implementation model (financial structure consistent with AAS, governance) 
  • Selection of the platform provider (Management Company) through beauty contest 
  • Support in the set-up phase of the fund (prospectus, IMA, SLA) and in the start-up phase (transition management)
  • Ongoing support to the investor in the dialogue with the various actors (ManCo, custodian bank, investment managers, ...)


  • Ad hoc team 
  • Proprietary database containing information on the main ManCo 
  • Knowledge and experience on the Luxembourg and Irish market 
  • Recognized knowledge of the Italian institutional market and its peculiarities
  1. Performance & Risk Analysis
  2. Strategic Asset Allocation
  3. Tactical asset allocation
  4. ALM
  5. Selection Process
  6. Risk Management
  7. Investment Process Engineering
  8. Order routing