Investing today: back to the past?

We have arrived to the sixth issue of our inFormation Courses. Popular wisdom claims that the crisis arrives in the seventh year, but given what has happened from summer 2007 onwards, we really hope we have already paid our dues…

The drama, anyway, is never lacking! Besides the threats of default, to which by now we are almost accustomed, this year we have left under the black clouds expanding over the American ocean and the European skies, enacting the eternal clash of man and nature.

In order to discuss the need to return to the healthy foundations of the past, in our lives as in our investment activities, we have come to Antalya to rediscover ancient remains of the Roman Empire, precisely at a time when the old, lazy and debt-laden Europe faces the question whether to renounce its Christian roots and extend its borders (economic at least) to the young and dynamic Turkey, which is in turn eternally split between secularism and fundamentalism.

While we wait to understand whether we are facing an inflationary or deflationary scenario, institutional investors have discussed what might be the drivers of the management of targeted portfolios in the next few years. We, at Prometeia Advisor, have tried to be the first to answer, as can be expected from a consulting firm that has pursued excellence in innovation of the solutions proposed and methodological rigour from its very beginning in the distant '70s.

Once again, the programme of the conference included two intense days, with a return to parallel sessions for Foundations, Pension Funds and Social Security Funds.

As usual, Prof. Onofri presented to the participants the key points of the macroeconomic scenario for the next few years. The analysts and advisers of the Prometeia Group presented the results of their research on asset correlation dynamics, especially during periods of market crisis, and on the resulting changes to the portfolio strategies recommended to our clients. We then heard, as usual, the thoughts of financial sector operators, from different segments (asset management, investment banking, hedge fund and private equity).

This special issue of Anteo includes a summary of the conference, giving a chance to those who could not attend in person to participate indirectly.



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