New and old harmonies

After last year's success in Lisbon, the 2nd InFormation Course organised by Prometeia Advisor for its Institutional Investment Community took place in Athens.

Its theme was innovation and change, which in the current economic context are important tools that the investor must use to interpret the offer of financial consulting and services.

Following this theme, we chose the following issues for discussion:

  1. how the distribution patterns and the asset management industry are evolving;
  2. how some investment services, such as global custody and private labelling activity, are being innovated;
  3. how asset managers and banks are innovating the investment solutions for institutional investors.

The two-day conference ended with a presentation on how Prometeia Advisor is preparing to try and anticipate future market strategies, acquiring new instruments and competencies so that it can be always ready to support its clients in a constantly changing context.

This special issue of Anteo includes a summary of the conference, to give those who could not attend in person a chance to participate indirectly to the conference.


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