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Beirut, May 18-19, 2017

7th Annual Risk Management Forum in the Arab Banks

In response to the global financial crisis, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) introduced a comprehensive and wide-ranging strengthening of global bank standards, most notably through the Basel III framework.

The ultimate objective of this framework is to ensure minimum standards of resilience so that financial firms are less likely to fail, and to reduce the impact on the financial system and the economy in case they do.

Most Supervisory authorities in the Arab region have taken significant actions to adopt Basel III, and other actions are still to be taken. So, what remains of the regulatory reform agenda in the Arab region?And what more can be done toward achieving the objectives of post crisis reform.

The 7th meeting of Chief Risk Officers and Risk managers in the Arab region - hosted by the Union of Arab Banks and the Banking Control Commission of Lebanon -  will discuss current priorities of Risk Management for Arab banks and will provide a platform for professional dialogue among Risk practitioners.

Prometeia will join the panel of speakers.


Prometeia's speaker


Massimo Pedroni  - Head of International Business, Prometeia
A partner in Prometeia since 2015 and head of the International Business Practice since 2014, he coordinates the activities of the overseas branches of the Group based in London, Istanbul, Moscow, Beirut and Lagos. A graduate with honours in Banking Economics from the University of Modena in 2000, he completed a Master’s in Finance at London University. Before returning to Prometeia, he worked for KPMG and Lloyds TSB in London as head of the Model Governance & Validation department. His many years of experience as a Risk Management consultant have seen him work in over fifteen countries, managing major projects in Austria, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Central-Eastern Europe and the Middle East.


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