Model Risk Management


Models are a strategic component in the banking decision-making process. As such, it is crucial to manage their entire lifecycle - from design to implementation, monitoring, and retirement - to achieve targeted standards of performance and reliability. Prometeia Model Risk Management (MRM) Suite is the comprehensive, modular and scalable software solution where all the steps in a model’s lifecycle are properly defined, allocated to specific owners, monitored, documented and traced for future validation.

Prometeia MRM modules include:

  1. Model register
  2. Validation tool
  3. Workflow engine
  4. Dashboard
  5. Document management
  6. Data management
  1. Active Balance Sheet Management
  2. Performance Management and Control
  3. Risk & Finance Integration
  4. Credit Risk Analysis
  5. Credit Decision Management
  6. Model Risk Management
  7. Regulatory and Accounting Compliance
  8. Financial Pricing Engineering