Model Risk Management


Models are a strategic component in the banking decision-making process. As such, it is crucial to manage their entire lifecycle - from design to implementation, monitoring, and retirement - to achieve targeted standards of performance and reliability. Prometeia Model Risk Management (MRM) Suite is the comprehensive, modular and scalable software solution where all the steps in a model’s lifecycle are properly defined, allocated to specific owners, monitored, documented and traced for future validation.

Prometeia MRM modules include:

  1. Model register
  2. Validation tool
  3. Workflow engine
  4. Dashboard
  5. Document management
  6. Data management
  1. Active Balance Sheet Management
  2. Performance Management and Control
  3. Credit Risk Analysis
  4. Credit Decision Management
  5. Model Risk Management
  6. Regulatory and Accounting Compliance
  7. Financial Pricing Engineering