The new Prometeia logo


The restyling of the brand commenced with an intuition.


Medieval cathedrals are incomplete by definition, no construction has ever been definitively completed. Everything continues to remain under construction. What never changes is the structure, the basic idea behind the design, thus also behind the dream. Each element can be added, modified, updated over time. And it is this very changeability that makes a project everlasting. 40 years ago the mere observation of reality lead us to create Prometeia. A construction that is incomplete by definition, since over time we have added, modified, updated our dream. We have shown customers the goals to be achieved, also pointing out the risks they had to run in order to attain those goals. We have never abandoned them. We have introduced risk measurement in Italy, and we have found ourselves anticipating the future. In so doing, in a world where time no longer exists, where the future has just passed, where, however, only the past helps to build the present, we have always endeavoured to anticipate customer needs, namely their dreams. And finance, the world in which Prometeia operates, with its roots sinking deeply into economic theory, with the frenzy of rapid change, with transactions lasting no more than the blink of an eye, with rules concealing deceptive mirrors, is ultimately a precise snapshot, a plastic representation of the whimsical risks that we must face for our customers. There is but one rule. Be ready to make mistakes every single day. Because ordeals, experiments, effort are the most amusing and beautiful part in undertakings as in life. In other words, there is a very real risk that the construction may actually never be completed.


Angelo Tantazzi, Prometeia Chairman


Following our values.


Tech soul, dynamic network


Solid roots, continuous construction


Prometeia's dna: connection of constantly evolving skills


Sustainable growth, together with customers


And projecting them into the future.