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Prometeia is a leading provider of consulting services, software solutions and economic research focused on Risk, Wealth & Performance Management. Prometeia’s technology and specialized advisory are chosen by more than 300 customers in over 20 countries around the world every day: banks, insurance companies, institutional investors and public institutions.


Prometeia’s approach to Enterprise Risk Management is based on the development of quantitative models and analysis methodologies. The production of highly specialized software applications leverages leading technologies, the knowledge of our subject matter experts and our ability to successfully respond to the growing demands of regulation. Our deep understanding of international markets, derived from proprietary economic research, adds an unique element to Prometeia’s business model and value proposition


Consulting, Fintech Solutions and Data Science to support innovation of banks, financial advisory networks, insurance companies and asset managers. Over the years Prometeia has consolidated its leadership of this market by combining vision and an aptitude for innovation with strong implementation and change management capabilities, successfully managing projects that create value for customers in a challenging regulatory environment


Leading financial consultancy in the Italian institutional market, where Prometeia Advisor Sim has been operating since 1998. Highly personalized and innovative solutions for more than 100 investors


For more than 40 years, Prometeia has been conducting business-to-business analysis and research, developed and consolidated over time to support industry and finance consulting. A qualified and independent view, supported by relationships with national and international academia and innovative analytical methods and tools


The future belongs to those who already embody it. This is why our mission is to cultivate unique expertise, so that we can grow alongside our clients over the long term, together envisaging highly ambitious goals and devising the best ways to achieve them. To this end, we have created a workplace where our experts, as one, are constantly inspired – innovators in both thought and action, and entrepreneurs in spirit. We are never satisfied with sitting back and choosing the easiest path, which is how we have built our reputation. Because the future belongs to those who are able to transform the present.

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Unrelenting excellence. Pride in the professional quality of our work. Our company is more about expertise than status


We aspire to provide first-class professional services and IT solutions. We are at the top of our field with respect to the biggest firms across the globe. We might not be one of the largest, but we are one of the best


Our most important assets are our people and our reputation. Medium to long-term profitability is crucial for our future and for our growth, which must be sustainable


An entrepreneurial spirit and attitude that extends beyond the different roles within the company. It is everyone’s job to identify, recommend and implement improvements to the working methods which fulfill client needs


A long-term client focus, sometimes at the cost of our own short-term results. We and our clients grow together


The long-term objectives must be pursued through the activities of each working day, with our people being given the guidelines and discipline required to ensure consistency. Teamwork is essential for translating our values into our daily work


Founded in 1974 as independent institute for economic research by a group of young university professors in Bologna, in 1981 Prometeia began offering analysis services to businesses and financial intermediaries. Since the ‘90s, the company’s activities have focused increasingly on the integration of research, analysis, consultancy and software system development. This distinctive mix of services has made Prometeia an European leader in risk and wealth management solutions, business consulting and advisory services for institutional investors. Prometeia collaborates closely with its clients to help them maximize their performance, be they banks, insurance companies, institutional investors, businesses, or public authorities. Our combination of technology, quantitative advisory, training and economic research makes our business model unparalleled in today’s market.

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