Prometeia40 with Ecb President Mario Draghi

14 December 2015


Prometeia hosted the speech by European Central Bank President Mario Draghi on “Monetary policy and Structural Reforms in the euro area”


Prometeia concluded the celebrations for its 40th anniversary in the economic research and specialized advisory hosting the Ecb President mario Draghi at the venue of MAST Foundation, in Bologna. A big chunk of Italian business and financial community convened for this special occasion.

Opening the day Paolo Onofri, Secretary General of Prometeia Associazione, who went through the macroeconomic context of the last 40 years. That is, Prometeia’s life.


As a special guest, President Draghi decided to start the speech with an intense recollection of his early academic years, when as a young professor he looked at Bologna and its economic “school” as an essential reference point. He dedicated the speech to the memory of his “master” Beniamino Andreatta.

In the more institutional part of his speech, Mr Draghi confirmed the contribution of Ecb monetary policy decisions, even the latest ones, to the European economic recovery, now standing on more solid bases. Should the situation worsen, Draghi kept the door open to further stimulus measures. “Monetary policy alone is not enough” repeated Draghi, though, insisting on the urgence in many countries to resolve the excessive stock of non performing loans and to start investing again.


Prometeia’s Chairman Angelo Tantazzi closed the meeting reminding the evolution and the growth of Prometeia’s activity along 40 years, with a value always in mind: being available to continuous change.

Mr Tantazzi e Mr Onofri eventually honoured Presidet Draghi with a special present: a 3D print version of a Prometeia chart on the impact of Ecb decisions.