Tactical asset allocation

Tactical portfolio management implies the continuous monitoring of the developments in markets and economies, intervening on asset allocation in the short term. Therefore, we develop proposals for the dynamic reinterpretation of the asset allocation of customer portfolios, based on our forecasts on the performance and risks of the principal classes of assets. Our approach is articulated into different stages:

  • market scenario: We offer a periodic analysis of the chief macro-economic and financial variables on a global scale and with a focus on the EMU
  • forecasts on financial markets: We provide a monthly update on the performance and risks of the key financial markets 
  • asset allocation indications: We put forward proposals to amend portfolio composition, with particular attention to the ex ante management of risk, costs and administrative and fiscal aspects.
  • customised consulting: We recommend specific investment instruments and provide support for their implementation in order to maximise efficiency and reduce costs.