A team of experienced project managers, consultants, analysts and developers specialized in wealth managment works with each client to tailor each PFTPro® implementation to their specific needs, and ensures the success of each project


Project Approach
A dedicated team of wealth management project manager, consultants, analysts and software developers leverage our deep understanding of the market, regulation and advanced financial methodologies to effectively collaborate with PFTPro® clients in the design, customization, integration, and configuration of the platform, migration from current systems and necessary training. The platform is highly flexible, and can be easily adapted to clients' customer protection and advisory models, processes and preferences. It supports multiple banks, languages, channels and devices, facilitating localization and accelerating deployment in complex environments. Our extensive project experience at many of the leading European institutions ensures project success, and the optimum mix of speed and quality while minimizing risk and cost.
We support PFTPro® clients across all project phases, from initiation, design, and detailed analysis to implementation, deployment, testing and roll out activities.  Dedicated teams with specialized expertise are always available for consultation in any area related to the wealth management business (insurance, retirement, financial planning, inheritance, real estate, risk, etc).  
Project success is assured by experienced project managers and the adoption of an explicit project governance model to identify the project structure, processes and risks, as well as stakeholders, their roles and responsibilities in line with industry best practice

Clients of PFTPro® may choose from a complete range of delivery mechanisms including

  1. On-site, where we usually provide one of two common configurations:
    1. Single instance providing functionality to all entities (multi-bank, multi-currency, multi-language, etc.)
    2. Multi instance, with a separate installation for each entity
  2. Hosted/ASP solution, where single or multiple instances of the application dedicated to the client are managed and hosted on servers residing in our datacenters
  3. SaaS/Cloud, where a standard instance of the application is managed and hosted by us, and shared with other clients
  4. BPO, where a part of the advisory and/or headquarters processes is outsourced directly to Prometeia, which uses the appropriate PFTPro modules installed in-house and provides the final outputs desired

Clients of PFTPro®  benefit from extensive technical assistence, including advice and troubleshooting, financial and economic methodological assistance, and all required platform maintenance. Support is managed online and/or via telephone according to preference and chosen levels of service, and catered support plans can be designed to fulfill client requirements