PFTPro® Suite is an integrated Wealth Management platform which, thanks to its highly modular architecture, can be flexibly and easily customized to create a leading solution closely catered to a particular client’s requirements. It is able to cover the entire advisory process end-to-end, with Prometeia providing a complete range of supporting services such as design, implementation, data feeds, training and change management.


PFTPro® is a flexible, modular platform consisting of analytical engines, business logic and front end modules which may be freely combined to deliver specific functionalities, and which together guarantee complete coverage of advisory processes and workflows. This approach permits the construction of wealth management solutions which are bespoke, distinctive, innovative, fully governable, and able to reconcile commercial objectives with regulatory constraints while improving service quality.

The suite implements a three layer, pure Java (J2EE), service oriented architecture (SOA), with a wide range of tightly integrated but independent modules falling into one of the analytical, business logic or user experience layers.

The analytical layer contains high performance calculation engines. Examples of services provided by this layer include calculations of risk, suitability, returns, performance, asset allocation, wealth projection, commercial potential and product picking. They are fed by market data and analytics which may be provided by Prometeia (please see data analysis service)

The business logic layer adds business data and process logic. Modules from this layer take the form of web services, however unlike the analytical layer they are not stateless. Examples of modules include position keeping, profiling, investment proposal generation, alerting, monitoring, multi-goal planning, campaign management and reporting. The business data required by this layer may be loaded into a dedicated data warehouse via scheduled batch processes, retrieved as needed from the bank’s systems via web service calls or a combination of the two

The user experience layer provides the font end for all the underlying processes. Visualization elements may be put together in combinations appropriate for various service models, from Mass to HNWI, various audiences, from managers through advisors to end-clients, and for various devices, such as desktop browsers, tablets and smartphones

Each module is built to seamlessly integrate established client practices including service models, suitability algorithms, commercial strategies, etc.

Key Features

  1. Prometeia PFTPro® suite is a cutting edge wealth management platform that incorporates sector best practices. Its main technological characteristics include:
  2. J2EE: pure java enterprise technology, J2EE application server compliant
  3. SOA: modular architecture, open to 3rd party applications, easy to integrate, service oriented
  4. Enterprise: multi-channel, multi-language, multi-bank and multi-currency
  5. Multi-vendor: Open to any application server, DBMS and library
  6. Scalability: horizontal and vertical
  7. Outsourcing: the suite can be fed with the Prometeia Data Analysis Service, enriching the solution with market information, analysis and other external data