PFTPro® Suite is an enterprise wealth management platform which supports the operations of many leading banks, asset managers and networks of financial advisors, improving the performance of tens of thousands of relationship managers every day


For the second time in a row Prometeia’s technological leadership has been acknowledged by Celent, recognizing the platform's superior customization, integration and deployment capabilities, and its capacity to support advisory processes across a multitude of channels.




Provision of investment services is an ever evolving challenge. Financial intermediaries are tasked with increasing profitability in the context of a shifting regulatory landscape, increasing competition, greater portfolio complexity and clients who demand value adding and innovative services for less.
This environment requires financial institutions to continuously review the way in which they do business, aiming to retain and attract clients and increase their share of wallet with a differentiated offer catered closely to evolving expectations, all while improving efficiency and satisfying regulatory requirements.

To that end, we support our clients in the identification, design, implementation and maintenance of value-adding service models and processes coherent with the competitive and regulatory environments. We leverage our deep understanding of the market, regulation and advanced methodologies to offer innovative tools and services to solve current challenges and better exploit the opportunities which lie ahead.

Our PFTPro® platform  supplies the building blocks to build an innovative,  efficient, compliant and commercially aware advisory delivery process.
Its overarching aim is to reconcile commercial objectives with regulatory constraints while improving advisor productivity and service quality through a methodologically rigorous, easy to execute planning process.

Key Features

  1. PFTPro® Suite is…
  2. Complete. The solution supports the complete advisory workflow, with a full range of portfolio management, financial planning, client management and governance functionalities for a variety of service models, from Mass to HNWI
  3. Sophisticated. All processes fully leverage our extensive methodological experience and integrate cutting edge techniques for a superior advisory service
  4. Modular. The suite is highly modular and may be deployed with as few or as many capabilities as required, tailoring each deployment specifically to the institution’s unique needs
  5. Compliant. Regulatory requirements lie at the heart of the platform, with every click and action natively compliant, ensuring adherence to consistent quality standards
  6. Efficient. The platform supports multiple levels of automation suitable to varying service models and advisors, maximizing productivity
  7. Usable. Advisor and management workflows are continually reviewed with relevant user groups to guarantee a streamlined and context appropriate experience
  8. Multi-device and multi-channel. Delivered entirely via a browser or native tablet and smartphone applications.
  9. Scalable. Built purely on Java Enterprise technology, the system scales both up and out to support tens of thousands of users