User Experience

Appropriate user experience is key to the success of any advisory support tool.
PFTPro® enables advisors and clients to collaborate using the channels, devices and processes most convenient for a given situation.


Preferred advisory workflows may be constructed from a large and varied set of multi-channel visualization and automation modules. Process and analytical detail may be exposed or hidden depending on preferred user experience, advisor sophistication, service level, etc.

Each workflow may be consumed by its intended audience using the most appropriate and convenient devices and channels, with user experiences optimized for desktop browsers, native tablet apps, and even smartphones for tasks such as monitoring and alerting.

Fully automated wizards may be created centrally for advisors and/or end clients, yielding a combination of overlapping advisory and self-service workflows, all driven by the same back end to ensure consistency and integrating seamlessly at the font, allowing the advisors and clients to work together  in ways which are most convenient for them, making wealth management a truly collaborative process.

In addition to the advisor/client front end, PFTPro® offers a range of front end functionalities targeted at headquarters users. These include interactive management dashboards for real time reporting on the health of the business, and the management of user workflows and reporting templates.