ERMAS guarantees high processing performances and provides a customizable and user-friendly interface, including an interactive reporting wizard for “real time” analysis and simulations.

The reporting wizard allows banks to:

  1. Produce standard sets of tableaux based on pre-defined libraries of queries and easy-to-build reporting templates
  2. Navigate instantaneously and dynamically the output data produced by the system through a flexible drag-and-drop facility designed to replicate MS Excel pivot tables
  3. Break down risk indicators and other output variables using a limitless number of analytical dimensions and aggregation keys
  4. Export directly into Excel and csv format

Implementation support

Relying on the quantitative skills of its financial engineers and on the experience of its consultants, Prometeia can guarantee the quality of its solutions along the entire project cycle, from the design, through the implementation, up to the final system roll-out.

Highly skilled experts work alongside clients in all the phases of the set-up process to guarantee the best trade-off between a timely delivery and accurate and precise results