Regulatory & Accounting Compliance

Regulatory reporting is a crucial part of Enterprise Risk Management. Given the constantly evolving financial regulatory environment, banks need to keep up with changes in a swift and cost-effective way.

Capital and liquidity are distinct but related concepts. Each plays an essential role in understanding a bank's viability and solvency. Liquidity is a measure of the ability and ease with which assets can be converted into cash to meet expected contractual obligations. The Basel III liquidity ratios require banks to hold sufficient levels of liquid assets to protect against constraints on their funding during times of financial turmoil. Capital, by contrast, acts as a financial cushion to absorb unexpected setbacks, because in order to remain solvent, the value of a firm's assets must exceed its liabilities. The Basel III capital standards require banks to hold enough capital to absorb losses in a severely adverse economic environment.

Prometeia's unique business model offers a One-Stop Solution, combining a full range of extensive consulting services, an integrated and cross-functional software package, implementation support and methodological training.

The ERMAS® (Enterprise Risk Management System) Suite solution stays on top of regulatory developments and meets all reporting needs. Its functionalities and interfaces have been designed to be fully adaptable, customisable, intuitive and easy to use for the client.

Banks using the ERMAS® solution, which covers Market, Liquidity and Credit Risk, as well as the Stress Testing and Fund & Capital Planning areas, are able to focus on their own profitability targets while meeting all regulatory requirements in a sound and resilient way.